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Taxes Exist Online?

February 29, 2016 0

So, you want to start your own online business? Before you start designing your own website or webpage, make sure that you know all about the do’s and don’t of starting an online business and that includes the technical, financial and legal matters of the business. When you decide to […]

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The Evolving Role of Accountants

February 26, 2016 0

With products like Turbo Tax improving, many wonder where this leaves accountants. Ironically, the evolving role of accountants is helping people save on their taxes. The Evolving Role of Accountants Given the fact that paying taxes isn’t the most popular of tasks, most people don’t give much thought to the […]

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Taxes – and Your Online Business: Basic Things You Need To Know

February 23, 2016 0

So you want to start your very own online business. Aside from having unlimited access to the Internet, you also need to be armed with adequate knowledge about taxes and your online business because without it, you will surely be at loss. Online retailers, or more commonly known as e-tailers […]

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Tax Considerations When Re-Financing

February 21, 2016 0

For many homeowners the overall goals of re-financing are often paying less in interest overall and reducing monthly payments. When a homeowner is able to obtain a lower interest rate, there is usually the opportunity to re-finance the mortgage to capitalize on the lower interest rate. However, a lower interest […]

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Tax Season-Don’t Dread The Start Of The New Year

February 19, 2016 0

Tax season is just around the corner and even though we all know it is coming every year, we still dread it…every year. With the yearly changes in the tax codes and everything just getting more and more complicated it is no wonder every one is stressed to the hilt […]

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Innocent Spouse Relief

Sometimes a spouse who is responsible to file correct returns and pay tax neglects to do so. At IRS PRO, we can help you understand whether innocent spouse relief is a viable avenue of tax relief for you.

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